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A new product!

A new product!

The Emgoldex company is happy to remind you that the company introduced its new product on May 1, 2014. This product was designed at the request of our wealthy and the most active customers.

Many of the customers have already enjoyed the new opportunity and bought a new set of bars of the Swiss manufacturer The Golden Link, weighing from 1 to 100 grams. The minimum price of such the gold bar set is 7,000 euros.

This set is distributed through the seven-seat matrix. Purchase of bars set is performed for two cycles.

When distributing the product, all the sponsorship and leadership contacts of our customers are saved.

The remuneration in the Leadership program increased twice. The value of one point also increased twice.

Your order is placed on the Golden Link table at once you have make an order and the prepayment in the amount of 1,050 euros.

If your sponsor has not acquired the program Golden Link yet, your order will be placed on the table of the first seniour sponsor, who has already had the program Golden Link.

A Set of bars can be purchased both through your own funds, and through the marketing bonus program Golden Link.

The marketing bonus program enables our customers to purchase a set of bars, making the payment in parts, with the prepayment in the amount of 1,050 euros as the processing fee for the order.

After registration and ordering process, a proforma invoice for the purchase of a set of bars is issued to every customer. This proforma invoice includes a processing fee, which is 15% of the total amount. It is necessary to print the proforma invoice in the "Order Information".

The processing fee is deducted from the amount of the preliminary order and is added to the final invoice. The invoice is provided to the client after the actual purchase of bars. (at the end of each purchase and each cycle).

The fee for processing and maintenance of the order is 15% of the minimum order value 1,050 euros, including the costs of the annual Internet service, which is 50 euros or 25 euros for each cycle of the passage the table.

The participant of the marketing program shall be ready to execute his order at his own expense, according to the invoice from the Emgoldex company to purchase the product on the basis of the buyer's order by the deadline.

The term of the order execution is 12 months from the date of the order placement on the table or in the table of the client's order accounting.

If within one year the client's order is not executed, it can be activated for further 12 months through the technical coupon of 50 €. After this period, the order is removed from the marketing program. This information is provided to each client through the personal account 30 days prior to its expiration date upon the client's request.

If the buyer chooses to participate in the marketing program, he shall clearly understand that the marketing program is developed only for the purchase of a set of bars. The payment for the order according to the invoice can be made either at his own expense or at the expense of bonuses credited by involving new customers in the online store.

The Company does not guarantee the complete execution of the client's order on the program Golden Link through bonuses credited for expanding the customer base in the online store.

The order execution depends only on the activity and performance of the client. Each client shall always be ready to pay for his order at his own expense.

Category: Company news      Publication date: 2014-05-01 10:30

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