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Russian Gold Reserves

Russian Gold Reserves

Recently the Central bank of Russia told a very interesting information about the storage place of the Russian gold reserves: two-thirds of Russia's gold is stored in Moscow, and the rest - in St. Petersburg.

No matter what storms threaten the domestic economic market, gold remains a reliable support and liquid currency.

A lot of experts say that buying gold in Moscow, for example, is quite popular service. There is often a very difficult life situation, and sometimes broken gold jewelry will help you to solve today's problems. It's better to sell jewelry at a profitable price than useless store at home. It is not surprising that people of a metropolis sell their gold jewelry so often in pawn shops.

As for gold bars, they are proven to be called a haven asset, because the whole world knows that purchase of investment gold bars is one of the safest ways to invest. Gold is not corroded, it can always be sold with your great advantage. The Emgoldex company provides investment gold bar purchase and sale for its customers ALWAYS at the best price. Hundreds of thousands of customers and partners around the world trust the company, which helps them to solve their financial issues and be independent.

One of the secret places in Russia is the Central Bank Gold Depository, which is called country's storehouse. For reasons of the extraordinary safety, none of the depository officers must give comments and show his face. Underground storehouses were built in 1996. Technical specifications of interior are also top secret. Here is the place where gold is. There is a unique strong lock on each door which can only be opened with two keys and two people at the same time, of course, entitled to have access to the depository.

There are two gold bars in each container plastic. The weight of bars - 12-13 kg. And nearby there are the old wooden boxes, which were more popular in the Soviet Union, in that box 5 gold bars are stored.

The Emgoldex company provides its customers with responsible storage and insurance of gold bars in certified depositories in Germany, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-03-13 10:00

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