Goldco VS Augusta Precious Metals: Competitive Comparison Between Two Industry Giants

Goldco VS Augusta Precious Metals

Gold and silver bullion, coins, and bars have been solid investment choices for generations of savvy savers.

Far from the old wooden chest beneath the bed, gold and silver IRAs now offer stable protection for these valuable assets, as well as peace of mind and tax benefits for the account holders.

Converting retirement savings into precious metals is one of the best ways to diversify and protect your interests- but it must be through a reputable and reliable gold investment company.

Goldco and Augusta Precious metals are arguably the two best gold IRA companies on the precious metals market today. Opening a gold IRA account with either one could be life-changing for a retirement investor.

When it comes to choosing between top gold IRA companies, the devil is in the detail. You need to know your retirement account is in the best hands at a company you can trust.

The following guide offers deeper insight into these two gold investment companies and the service they offer.

It compares the costs and experience of owning and operating gold IRA accounts with each to help you make a more informed decision about the best direction for you.

Overview of Goldco


Renowned for excellent customer service and an impeccable reputation for trustworthy, convenient, and efficient account support, Goldco is one of the longest-running and most successful providers of gold IRAs.

It not only boasts an excellent selection of account options with competitive fees and a reasonable deposit requirement, but it also helps people buy precious metals outside of their self-directed IRA.

The selection of IRA-approved coins and bullion on offer is exceptional. Goldco precious metals is undoubtedly a significant power in the industry.

Overview of Augusta Precious Metals

August Precious Metals

Like Goldco, Augusta is a champion of the gold IRA market. It launched in 2012 and spent the last decade rocketing to the top of the food chain.

Gold investments with Augusta are stress-free, efficient, and easily manageable, thanks to unrivaled learning support and personalized care.

Buying gold bullion, bars, and coins is a walk in the park through the incredibly helpful and readily available customer service professionals on the Augusta team.

Comparison Chart: Goldco VS Augusta Precious Metals


  • Company founded: 2006
  • Minimum investment: $25,000
  • Average comprehensive rating: 4.8
  • Precious metals available: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium
  • Price matching available: No
  • Current IRA rollover assistance: Yes
  • Average delivery time: One week
  • Customer support:
  • Buyback program available: Yes

Augusta Precious Metals

  • Company founded: 2012
  • Minimum investment: $50,000
  • Average comprehensive rating: 4.9
  • Precious metals available: Gold and Silver
  • Price matching available: Yes
  • Current IRA rollover assistance: Yes
  • Average delivery time: Two weeks
  • Customer support:
  • Buyback program available: Yes

Goldco Rollover Opportunities

A gold IRA rollover is the best way to move existing savings into a precious metals IRA.

Goldco’s rollover services are arguably the best in the business.

The agents provided are specially trained in the legal proceedings and technical requirements for these types of transactions and can advise on the best options on a case-by-case basis.

Some of the opportunities offered include:

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Roth 401 (k)
  • Roth 457 (b)

Augusta Precious Metals Rollover Opportunities

Rolling over saving into gold IRA investments is also possible with Augusta, although the agents do not have quite as much training in this field.

They can, however, assist with paperwork and help ensure the legal process is as hassle-free as possible.

The account options are:

  • Gold IRA
  • Silver IRA

Fees: Goldco

  • Account setup fee (one time): $50
  • Money wiring cost (one time): $30
  • Maintenance fees (annual): $80
  • Custodial fee (annual): $100
  • Minimum investment requirement: $25,000
  • Cost of precious metals: Based on most recent market values

Fees: Augusta Precious Metals

  • Account setup fee (one-time) : $50
  • Custodial fee (annual): $80
  • Depository storage fees (annual): $100
  • Minimum investment amount: $50,000
  • Cost of precious metals: Based on most recent market values

Choosing Between Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals

What We Love About Both

Both gold IRA companies offer top-notch service across the board. The customer support agents and advisors from both operations are outstanding.

Clients can arrange a trusted and licensed gold IRA custodian with ease through both companies, making the process that little bit easier.

Buybacks are accepted by both gold IRA providers, so you don’t need to worry if you need enhanced liquidity further down the line.

The Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance rate both companies highly- some of the highest ratings in the industry, to be exact.

Goldco Advantages

There is a greater choice of precious metals available at Goldco. Rather than sticking to just gold and silver products, this company branches into palladium IRAs and platinum IRAs for even more diversification.

Comparatively, Augusta only works with silver and gold coins, bullion coins, and bars.

Goldco is the faster gold IRA company regarding transfer times between purchase and delivery of physical gold and other precious metals. It only takes a week on average for assets to arrive at the storage facility- half the average of its competitor.

Having been around for an additional six years, Goldco has had longer to establish and build upon its stellar reputation for reliability and excellence in the industry.

It is tough to find any gold IRA companies that stand up against this giant, although Augusta gives it a run for its money.

Overall, the general offering when it comes to gold and precious metal IRAs is superior at Goldco. The representative seems to have more in-depth knowledge of how gold IRAs works and the legality of managing accounts.

A Goldco account is accessible for more people since its minimum deposit requirement is half of what Augusta asks.

Augusta Precious Metals Advantages

Despite the significantly higher minimum deposit requirement, Augusta actually has slightly lower annual service fees. There is no account maintenance fee, and the gold custodian costs are less than Goldco’s annually.

Unlike Goldco, Augusta Precious Metals offers price matching services on certain products. When buying any type of precious metal- be it gold and silver coins or something else- it helps to know you are getting the best price. In the precious metals industry, competitive prices are a must.

Augusta takes the prize for exceptional customer service. At this company, it goes beyond standard expectations and reaches a far more advanced, personalized, and comprehensive level.

Clients can rely on life-long customized support in whatever they need, be it advice, account adjustments, or educational support.

Almost nowhere else offers the same level of educational support to its clients. If you want to gain a deep understanding of what precious metals IRAs are and how they can benefit you, the Augusta learning library is a valuable resource.

Which of These Gold IRA Companies Do We Recommend?

Although we could happily recommend either of these companies for their gold IRA services, Goldco is the first choice in our eyes.

Great customer service, flexible account options, varied investment choices, and an impeccable reputation for reliability make Goldo the best gold ira company for us.

If you are considering opening a precious metals IRA to diversify your retirement portfolio, this is a great place to start. Before you purchase gold, reach out to an expert advisor to learn more about what it means and how to maximize the potential.